Found In A Coma, This Puppy Has A Miraculous Turnaround

Rescue stories come about all the time. People are constantly showing the good that is left in humanity by caring for abandoned pets all over the world. This is one of those wonderful stories. 


Francis is a puppy who was abandoned to a cardboard box, left outside in a neighborhood. A couple was out and about one night that was particularly freezing when they saw the box. They stopped out of curiosity and found this adorable little puppy that looked dead. 



He was practically frozen and he was laying so still that he appeared to be dead, but they saw an ever so soft breath coming from him. Their hearts ached for this helpless little creature so they brought him in to their local animal shelter. 



Thankfully it was a no-kill shelter in Jackson, Mississippi. The veterinarian on staff at Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA) was able to confirm that Francis was still alive, but in a deep coma. Everyone who worked at CARA did everything they could to bring him back to health. Though he was unresponsive, the puppy was kept warm and comfortable. They even held a party in his honor on Valentine’s Day.



Lots of people, and animals, came to visit him. They knew that love was the best medicine available! 





They even collected cards on his behalf to show him how he would be loved and cared for if he was able to pull through. 



And it worked! He soon began to open his eyes and come to awareness of the love that awaited him. 



After waking up, the people at CARA took him home where he received 24-hour care. For two months he needed a feeding tube, and couldn’t stand on his own. After receiving physical therapy from a caring human, Francis went from opening his eyes and raising his head to standing on his own.





Since then, he has continued to grow stronger and healthier. 



From frozen and alone to healthy and loved, this little pup sure made an amazing recovery! 



This wonderful dog got his forever home. His new owner, Harriet Scott says;


“We were lucky enough to be chosen to adopt this special dog that had become such a celebrity. But to us, he is just Francis, a sweet, loving dog with lots of energy that loves to run and play outside, nap on the sofa, and live the life we would hope all homeless animals could find. Our family would not be complete without him; he has so much love for people because it’s the love of people that saved him.”



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