Family With 7 Rescue Dogs Have Unique Concerns, Solves Their Problem With Toddler Beds

Dani Viverito always had a passion for saving dogs. Even as a kid, she had a tendency to bring home strays and injured dogs. So, it shouldn't surprise you that she and her husband currently have seven rescue dogs living with them.


“We kind of just gradually became rescuers; if there was a dog in need we took them in and try to give them their best life ever,” Viverito told The Dodo. “We have been together for 18.5 years and have had just as many rescues!”


Dani Viverito


Just like people, all dogs have different personalities and backgrounds. Viverito has learned how to manage all seven different rescue dogs by following a very strict schedule and rotation. This allows her to make sure everything runs smoothly and that each dog gets equal amount of attention and love while preventing conflict or the feeling that any dog is being left out.


Dani Viverito


“They all get along for the most part, but two are more ‘unstable’ so I have the group of five on one schedule and a group of two on another, and I swap them out every three hours around the clock,” Viverito said. “It’s so ingrained at this point we don’t even need alarms! That way everyone has equal amount of ... time to play, potty, eat, snuggle with us humans, and walk around doing their own thing and then they go down for nap time for three hours, where they can sleep or play or do whatever.”


All seven of Viverto's dogs know where to go when it is their bedtime. This is because they each have their own bed!


Dani Viverito


“They all run and break off into their designated rooms when I call cookie time,” Viverito said. “Jax, Sasha and Annabelle are in one room and Muppet is in the other with Harlin. When Tyler and Tucker are down they each have their own room.”


These dogs are also lucky enough to have their very own toddler-sized beds in their bedroom. These beds are bigger and comfier than a typical bed made for dogs. Viverito wants each and every one of her rescues to feel comfortable and happy.


Dani Viverito


The idea to buy toddler beds for the dogs came to Viverito after she tried giving them a few queen-sized beds to sleep on. She quickly found them difficult to move and clean. That's when she had the epiphany to use mattresses designed for tiny humans, as they would be a more manageable size.


Dani Viverito


“With toddler beds, everything is small, so I can do all the sheets at once and the comforters two at a time,” Viverito said. “Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping is easy with toddler beds that are light and slide around versus heavy mattresses and beds!”


Dani Viverito


Even though the house can get a little hectic having multiple rescue dogs, Viverito and her husband would not trade their pack of seven for anything.


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