Excited Chihuahua Meets Newborn Sister, Totally In Love

It is a scientific fact that dogs can sense when their owner is pregnant. Through changes in odor, mood, behavior and size, the dog picks up on the upcoming addition to the family. Most dogs begin adjusting before the baby even arrives, so by the time of birth, they’re well ready for a new sibling. 


Milo the Chihuahua is one of those sensitive dogs that could sense a big change coming. And his mom and dad decided to video the first meeting of the two best friends to be. Milo is super excited, as he has been waiting for this moment for over nine months. 





He jumps around, voicing his excitement repeatedly as he awaits her arrival. And when he finally sets eyes on this beautiful new creature, will it be love at first sight?



Without a doubt! Milo exercises extreme self-control as he sniffs his new sister. He is so in love that he begins to drench her with kisses! How cute!!


We are so glad Mom and Dad thought to video this first introduction. Who knows, maybe this video will help many parents out there be comfortable about bringing home their new bundle of joy to their furbabies! 


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