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Dog Thinks He’s A Baby Horse, Gets Loved On By ‘Other’ Horses "Hey, little dude. You're the weirdest looking and smelling foal we've ever seen."


Show-jumping trainer, John Madden, and professional show jumper, Beezie Madden, uploaded this adorable video of a Rhodesian Ridgeback getting some attention from his equine friends.

The video was taken on a horse farm in Cazenovia, New York, late last month and captures the moment a Rhodesian Ridgeback walked up to greet two horses.

The horses can be seen sniffing, nuzzling, licking and thoroughly going over this weird looking foal friend of theirs. One horse even uses its lips to check out the dog’s collar.

They all clearly know each other well and trust each other. The scene looks like just another day on the horse farm, and nothing out of the ordinary at all. The horses can tell they’re much bigger than their canine companion and move slowly and gently as to not accidentally hurt him. The way they move so deliberately and cautiously shows how much they care for the dog.

As far as the dog is concerned, when John Madden uploaded the video, he had this this to say: “He [the dog] thinks he’s just another one of the baby horses.”

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