Dog’s Fart Does Not Go Unnoticed By Cat, So Cat Punishes Dog

It’s not always true that cats and dogs don’t get along. There are many instances where they are actually the best of friends! However, just like males and females, they have many differences to overcome. But, it is possible for them to cohabit and be just fine. 


In their cohabitation there will likely be times where they just flat out irritate each other. They might be chasing each other. Or maybe they’re stealing each other’s beds. They might even vie for your attention and race to be the favorite pet! Regardless, just like us, they’re bound to get on each other’s nerves from time to time. And this owner caught one such moment on camera. 



The beginning of the video shows the sweet cohabitation of the two species. The dog and cat are lying closely on a bed, nearly cuddling! The dog is snoozing peacefully and the cat is just relaxing in the background. Then all of the sudden, you hear that dreadful sound of the dog fart. We all know how disturbing these can smell...and it takes a few seconds to reach the cat’s nostrils.



But when it does, oh man, that cat hops to action! The cat looks at the dog with disgust and then immediately hops up and smacks the dog upside his head! The dog groggily lifts his head like “What is happening?” He has no idea why the feline is so angry! Oh man, that’s so funny! 


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