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Dog Refuses To Leave House Fire, Firefighters Realize He’s Protecting Four Tiny Friends Inside This dog is a true hero!


In Melbourne, Australia, a dog named Leo risked his life to save four newborn kittens from a house fire.

The Jack Russell mix was found by firefighters lying unconscious on the floor. But when they picked him up to rescue him, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

The firefighters found newborn kittens hidden underneath the dog’s body. The dog had used his own body to shield them from the fire and smoke to keep them safe. Luckily for them, help arrived in time.

Firefighters carried the kittens and adopted canine dad outside and gave Leo oxygen. After a few moments, he regained consciousness. Miraculously, no one was hurt, including Leo, the kittens, the homeowners and the firemen.

We’d like to send a special thank you to first responders as well as Leo for a job well done, and for their commitment to keep others safe from harm!

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