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Dog On Diet Throws Epic Temper Tantrum When Denied Cookies Don't we all feel this way?


Mya the Australian Shepherd has been on a diet for a month now and has been doing very well. But when this 12-year-old dog is told she cannot have any more treats, she has a temper tantrum that is so overly dramatic, she could have won an Oscar. She wants the treats and just hearing the word “NO” sets her off into a complete hilarious meltdown, losing it on her owner when she doesn’t get her way.

The owner offers Mya an apple, but she is not satisfied and wants the cookies! The pooch is obviously upset and starts barking and growling at her owner, refusing to obey. She has a sweet tooth, but her owner doesn’t understand that! Watching this canine protesting over dinner, whining about her diet, shows that Australian Shepherds can be very spoiled and picky about their eats! Mya continues to whine and bark in protest and completely ignores her owner’s command.

Watch as she throws a nasty temper tantrum at the owner, complaining about the diet. It is funny to try and translate her discontent in the words of “Give me some sugar baby! Just a tiny bite of them cookies! I am not chubby, why you put me on diet?” She is so frustrated that she continuously whines about this stupid diet!

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