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Dog Has Hilarious Conversation With Mimicking Toy Dog This silly pup has no idea what is going on here!


A white doggy is sitting on a couch, right across from an unsuspecting-looking brown plush doggy toy. But the incredible happens: every sound that our white little hero does, the toy pooch repeats with an added bonus of making it sound like a chipmunk! What?! That is hilarious to even think about.

The dog seems completely thrown aback by this curious creature, so it doesn’t bark or grown or whine. The dog just makes these wimpy sounds and the toy repeats everything it hears!

If that were us and we had no idea how it is happening, we would definitely feel annoyed by this copycat, because how dare he repeat our words back at us?! So much arguing, and they keep saying what we are saying, so who is in the right here?

The pup might not quite understand what is happening here, but it keeps engaging the toy, hoping for an answer. I’m not so sure this pup will ever figure it out.

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