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Dog Evades Rescuers For Months, Until Trust In Little Girl Saves Her I guess I'm not the only one who finds kids more trustworthy than adults!


Daisy, a German Shepherd mix, hit the jackpot and found a family to adopt her. But tragically just two days after she was adopted, she escaped and ran away from home.

She was distrustful of people and roamed the area for 2 months. People fed her, but they were unable to catch her and bring her inside to safety.

Miraculously, all it took was one six-year-old girl a few minutes to do what numerous adults couldn’t. The little girl, named Megan, simply sat on the grass and called Daisy over. Daisy responded by walking over and laying down on the grass next to Megan.

The adults were astonished. What couldn’t be done by them in 2 months only took Megan a few minutes; and on her very first try at that.

Sadly, the family that lost Daisy were uninterested in taking her back, and a foster who tried to help catch Daisy couldn’t take her in at the time either. That left Daisy’s fate uncertain.

Luckily, Megan’s best friend’s family did have room and Daisy found her new forever home! The icing on the cake is that Megan gets to see her new canine friend every time she visits her best human friend! Things couldn’t have played out better.

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