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Dog Dad Discovers A Mess, Husky Brothers Argue Over Who Is Guilty Have you ever seen two dogs argue? If not, you're in for a hilarious treat!


Huskies named Dakota and Phoenix are confronted by their dad about a torn-up letter left on the floor. But it’s unlikely that their dad will ever find the culprit!

When Dakota and Phoenix are questioned about a letter that has been torn to shreds and scattered all over the floor, both pretend they have no idea what has happened. When dad presses them for the truth, they argue amongst each other about who will take the blame!

Huskies are notorious for their “talkative” nature. They can bark, but prefer to whine, howl, and growl to communicate. Some people believe that they even try to communicate like humans do.

Huskies require a lot of exercise, training and at times; supervision, to keep them out of trouble! When this dog dad left his boys alone for too long, messes were made, arguments were had, and responsibility was shirked!

If you’ve never seen two dogs in a heated argument, you’re in for a treat. Because these two boys either worked together to make this mess and are arguing over whose idea it was, or one of them really is innocent and is demanding that his brother take ownership of the blame for his actions! Enjoy the video!

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