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Dancer Falls On The Ground, Dog’s Reaction Jolts Audience To Their Feet This is unbelievable!


It’s no secret that some dogs are surprisingly smart. Some are also ridiculously talented. Lusy Imbergerova from Italy has a dog like this. His name is Deril.

Deril dances with Lusy. They’re so good that they were actually competing in the FCI Dog Dancing Championship. And it is obvious that they are here to win. Once the music starts, the hours of practice that they have put in is obvious.



Their dance personifies two soldiers training in boot camp. The dog’s movements are so much like a human that it’s bizarre to watch! The Dog Dance World Championship competitors have rules to follow, like creating a routine that showcases the dog’s ability to cooperate with and follow the handler’s instructions. Lusy and Deril definitely have that part nailed down.



Deril’s face is easy to read: he loves his dance partner and he LOVES being on stage in front of a crowd.


He weaves in and out of Lusy’s legs which helps her do sit-ups, all while keeping with a beat. Then the song changes and the rhythm takes on an emotional tone, similar to how it would feel for soldiers to be on the front lines.



A prop meant to be a grenade is thrown and Lusy plummets to the ground. Deril then changes the mood of the room with one movement. We watch in awe as this dog saves his partner’s life. The audience explodes into cheering and applause. It’s that incredible!


Watch the video but be prepared to get all the feels! BIG TIME!

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