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Dad Says They’re Going To The Beach, And The Dog Can’t Contain His Excitement I love the beach, but I don't think anyone loves the beach as much as this dog! Surf's up, pup!


What’s more fun than the beach? Taking your dog to the beach; that’s what’s more fun! As dad drives, he reveals the surprise location to his dog who gets a teensy bit excited!

By a teensy bit, I mean a lot. He gets so excited that it’s a good thing that his dad is the one with the thumbs and is driving the vehicle instead of him, mostly because he probably would’ve lost control!

I’ve seen dogs get excited and whine before, but I’ve never heard any animal make the noises that came out of this dog’s mouth! It sounds like a mixture of a turkey, cow, rooster and the sound it makes when you slam on the brakes of a 1974 Buick Apollo at 55mph.

You can tell that this dog is a party animal and that whatever his plan is to do at the beach is going to be epic, just by the energy he has before they even arrive!

Here’s to summer beach dreaming!

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