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Chubby Bulldog Wins Hearts at Dog Show, Sends Internet Wild After Incredible Agility Performance I can't lie ... I'm honestly very impressed! Rudy is a boss!


Modern day Bulldogs aren’t known for their physical fitness as much as they are for their signature smile and waddle, but Rudy isn’t your typical Bulldog!

Rudy stole the spotlight after tearing through the agility course at the Westminster Dog Show recently. He stunned everyone with his speed and agility on the big screen. No one had ever seen a Bulldog move like him!

Most Bulldogs prefer naps, cuddles, and eating, but not Rudy. He’s an active dog and is happiest when running mach 3 on the agility course. His hard work, drive and practice led to him shocking everyone when he raced through the course and completed every single obstacle with ease in just 50 seconds flat!

Unfortunately, Rudy didn’t win. But we all have the suspicion that there isn’t another Bulldog who could pull off a time like that! Rudy defied the stereotype of the lazy, nonathletic Bulldog and won hearts all over the world in less than a minute. He may not have won, but he definitely didn’t lose! Enjoy the video!

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