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Chihuahua Plays Dead To Avoid Interacting With Family Member He Inexplicably Hates This dog deserves an Academy Award!


Nobody in the family is quite sure why, but this Chihuahua HATES his dad’s brother. He’ll stand on his dad’s lap and bark at the man from across the room. But when the man picks him up, the dog plays dead like a champ!

The dog goes from bouncing and barking to flat, rigid, and silent instantly. His tongue even lolls out of his mouth a little bit. The man hands the dog back to his dad, and the dog revives, bounces up, and starts barking again.

Thinking the past behavior was a fluke, the man once again picks up the dog, and he plays dead again, even when the man sits down with the dog in his lap. He even seems to stop breathing in order to get out of interacting with this person that he hates for reasons that we aren’t privy to.

Hopefully, the dog has no good reason to hate the man, and it’s all in fun and games that the dog plays dead when held by him.



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