Chicago Police Dog Finds $10 Million Worth Of Pot, The Photos Are Unreal

This Belgian Malinois K-9 Officer in Chicago just helped human officers seize over $10 million worth of marijuana on Thursday.


(Credit: Chicago Police Department)


Jayda the police dog found the drugs after officers pulled over a driver suspected of trafficking narcotics. A search of the car yielded over 1,500 pounds of cannabis.


Chicago PD posted pictures of Jayda sitting in a room surrounded by nearly a ton of packaged marijuana stacked halfway to the ceiling.


“Officers learned that the narcotics were en route to Chicago from California,” police said. “The driver of the vehicle was placed in custody and charged with Cannabis – Possess more than 5000 grams.”


Chicago police are investigating the case with the help of DEA agents in California.



Good job, Jayda!


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