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Charity Tackles Dog Abandonment, Drives Home Powerful Message Such a powerful ad. Very thought provoking and hopefully a powerful deterrent against abandoning pets.


The 30 Millions d’Amis Foundation (French for ’30 Million Friends’) is a charity out of France that uses its resources to help pets. At the beginning of every summer, they launch an ad to prevent people from abandoning their pets. ‘Why summer’ you ask? It’s because 60,000 dogs and cats are abandoned every year just so families can go on vacation.

This particular 2-minute ad is directed by Xavier Giannolli and it focuses on the relationship between a small girl and her new puppy. The ad follows the duo through play time, a 7th birthday party, a 15th birthday party, puberty, pregnancy, a new baby and up until the dog’s age prevents him from going on their regular jogs together.


At the end, in the dog’s old age, it’s his time. The ad then delivers the powerful message that was designed to make people think twice about abandoning their dogs: “When a dog abandons his master, it’s not to go on holiday.” Dogs are loyal friends to us til the end and we owe them at least that much in return.

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