California Police K9 Finds 60 Pounds Of Meth Inside Car During First Bust

As patriotic citizens, we have the utmost respect for our police forces. They do an incredibly dangerous job every day with little to no recognition… and they don't expect any either! People sometimes tend to forget a key part of the police force- and that's their K9 officers. K9 officers do a variety of very important jobs, including but not limited to bomb squad, drug sniffing, and assailant take downs.


Rye, a newcomer to the Southern California police department and specifically the West Covina squad, had an incredible first time out as an officer. Officers had stopped a vehicle on the interstate 10 freeway, 20 miles from Los Angeles, and made a shocking discovery in the car- meth under the passenger seat! They brought in new K9 officer Rye, who managed to sniff out two additional compartments, totalling 60 pounds of methamphetamine!


 (West Covina Police Department)


The driver, Pedro Lopez, was taken into custody following the discovery and arrested for possession and transportation of narcotics. His bail is set at one million dollars.


Rye was just certified to work in the field last month, according to the police force. Great work Rye, hope you're getting a grade A sirloin tonight!

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