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Brilliant Dog Problem Solves, Leaves Owner Stunned This dog must've graduated top of her class in obedience school!


11-month-old Zena is a brilliant pup. Many of us have seen evidence in funny videos that dogs aren’t so good at spacial awareness when trying to carry large sticks up stairways, onto decks, into cars and through doorways! But Zena is ahead of the curve in relation to her peers when it comes to problem solving. After 2 failed attempts to carry a large stick inside, she puts the stick down and you can begin to see the wheels turning in her head.

She picks the stick up by one end and proceeds to walk her small tree right inside the house, much to the surprise of her owner who shouts “Hey!”

Zena is a perfect example that all problems, no matter how big or small, can be solved with time and a little ingenuity. Sometimes we just need to step back and relax and think instead of trying to force a square peg through a round hole. Or a small tree through a narrow doorway!

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