Brave Little Sheepdog Is Enjoying Her First Day On The Job

It may have been a tough first day on the job for one brave border collie pup, if she wasn’t caught on camera herding sheep FOUR TIMES her size like a pro – despite never laying eyes on the mammals before.


Adorable seven-week-old pup Ciara can be seen bounding after the sheep, rounding them up and guiding them back to her proud owner, who claims her instincts as a fifth-generation border collie kicked in when she laid eyes on them.


In the 29-second clip the sheep dog fearlessly approaches four sheep including a defiant ram 20 times her weight who lowers his horns but eventually concedes defeat and runs away. That puppy shows “shear talent” and looks like she’s proud of it too.



The dog's owner said: "I took the four puppies out for some exercise on the paddock to see what their reaction to seeing the sheep would be.” It is obvious that the herding force in the puppy’s blood is strong, because not once did she hesitate to show those sheep where their place is!


At one point even a large ram, who looks like he was about 20 times the dog's size, tried to defy the force that is this Border Collie puppy. He lowers his head down at her and for a moment it looks like he might charge, but instead he turns around and runs off.


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