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Boxer Has Hilarious Argument With Owner That’s how it is done when you don’t want to let go of your perfect spot.


You know the moment when you are comfortably seated on the sofa and a member of your family comes and ruins the enjoyment? Well, that is what exactly happens to Buddy – the American Boxer, whose only desire is to sit lazily on the sofa without being interrupted. And whoever tries to interrupt this moment full of joy, Buddy is ready to put his foot down and demand to be left alone so he can surrender to the serenity of the pleasurable ‘leather sofa experience’. He stubbornly refuses to leave his own comfort and is up to any dispute that comes along his way. Regardless of whom it may come from.

Buddy is undoubtedly prepared to defend his territory with any means possible. And instead of getting off the couch as he is asked to, he will just sit there and whine. It is maybe a time for him to leave the bed, but that is simply not his decision, but his owner’s, and it is certainly not something he is going to abide by. How do you argue with ‘Awwrowr-rowr-rowww-wooooo-rof-rof-roff?’ You don’t, that is how. You just wait and see what is going to happen because nothing will help this owner lure his dog off the furniture, not even tossing a few treats on the ground.

Promising to give him a reward if he happens to jump off, doesn’t work either. He is resolved to spend the day in the cozy couch and idly lounge because the couch is just a superb place to unwind. And after a few more rounds of persuasion, out of the blue, the dog decides he has had enough and hops off the couch. That’s how it is done when you don’t want to let go of your perfect spot.

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