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‘Be Together, Not The Same’ Touching Android Ad Features Adorable And Unlikely Animal Friends Coexist In Peace This is the best animal vid I've seen in a long time, and I see lots of animal vids!


Android released a new ad with the message “Be Together. Not The Same.” And it’s the best thing ever.

Android is owned by Google, and its ad “Friends Furever” celebrates unlikely friendships with an animal twist. A horse and a monkey, a dog and dolphin swimming, a baby elephant and a sheep playing in the dirt, a lab and an elephant playing in the water, and even a full-grown bear and a full-grown tiger cuddling, and much, much more.

This ad shows that love can come from anyone, anywhere, from any background. That it is perfectly okay to be you and to allow others to be themselves without expectations.

We all may think differently, look different and do different things with our lives. But if these vastly different animal species can find enough common ground to not only get along, but to be friends. We as humans have to do better about respecting and loving one another, regardless of race, religion or creed.

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