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Baby Poops In His Onesie, But Dog’s Response Leaves Internet In Hysterics Oh my gosh! Make sure you watch to the end!


We’ve never met anyone who is excited to be in the presence of a farter, and this dog is no exception at all. His hilarious reaction to the dreadful sound of a diaper filling up rapidly made us laugh out loud…and then watch it again!

The dog was having none of that poop diaper, and got out of the situation lickity split! Good thing mom was right there next to them keeping the baby safe!

The way the dog was slowly waking up only to be jolted out of his relaxation by a horrendously bubbly poop from this little baby is so funny. Don’t worry, we watched it more than once too! And the end is even funnier!! Make sure you watch all the way through, it’s so worth it.

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