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Adorable German Shepherd Puppy Falls Asleep On The Floor, Has Everyone’s Hearts Melting Oh my, this is sooo cute!


This adorable video of a German Shepherd puppy who’s sleeping soooooooo soundly and soooooo comfortably and simply refuses to wake or budge for anyone or anything is a fine example of classic dog video hilarity mixed with a heaping helping of pure “Awwwwwwww!” We all know just how this puppy feels! There are just those days—super cold days like the ones we’ve been recently experiencing among them—when the very last thing you want to do is rise and shine, or hit the ground running, or be up and at ‘em, or any of the other colloquialisms that basically boil down to getting out of your comfy bed and engaging with the rest of the world.

And that’s before you even get to the fact that German Shepherd puppies grow super big, super fast, and the energy it takes to fuel all that growth doesn’t leave a whole lot left over for being energetic on command. Frankly, once we finished laughing at this video, we had to wonder why this puppy’s humans were so insistent on trying to wake him up in the first place. Did he have an urgent appointment to keep? Someplace he just had to be, pronto? Was there a sale on dog treats somewhere that he was on the verge of missing?

Or was it just that a human with a camera decided it would be amusing to try to wake up an innocent puppy who’s simply minding his own business and doing what puppies do best—being absolutely and perfectly cute. We’re not sure, but we’re #TeamSleepingPuppy all the way! Enjoy your snoozing, cutie! And we’ll enjoy watching you refuse to budge, striking a blow for all us workaday types who have no other option but getting up early in the morning to be at work or at school on time. If you’ve ever wished you could set your alarm clock to permanent snooze, then you’re sure to enjoy this engaging video—at the very least, you’ll definitely relate to it! In fact, this tiny German Shepherd pooch just may be your spirit animal.

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