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19 Reasons Why You Should Never Get A German Shepherd If you don't believe us, take a look for yourself!


You may think that German Shepherds are regal, intelligent, and beautiful dogs, but trust us when we say you don’t actually want to add one to your family. You should really consider another breed. Don’t believe us? Here are 19 reasons you should definitely never add a German Shepherd to your family! 

#1 – They never stop bouncing off the walls.

Credit: gsd_luke


#2 – Puppies require way too much work.

Credit: living.with.mia


#3 – German Shepherds are vicious and don’t get along with other dogs.

Credit: old_post_shepherds


#4 – They don’t tolerate nonsense like being dressed up.

Credit: zaz.gsd


#5 – They hate the car and don’t like going to new places.

Credit: longhairedshepherds


#6 – German Shepherds even start off mean as puppies.

Credit: thegsdlady


#7 – You certainly can’t trust them around babies.

Credit: zuza.and.rupert


#8 – They’re impossible to train.

Credit: niko_the_gsd_


#9 – Smaller dogs look like food to them.

Credit: loki_gsd_uk


#10 – They hate to snuggle and need their own space.

Credit: big.redford


#11 – They’re impossible to groom.

Credit: kyba_gsd_official


#12 – German Shepherds are very serious dogs who never play.

Credit: macegsd


#13 – Very serious. They’re no fun whatsoever.

Credit: loki_gsd_uk


#14 – They hate the snow. They’d rather be indoors.

Credit: casey_and_family


#15 – German Shepherds can’t be trusted around children.

Credit: the_almighty_gsd_rambo


#16 – They’re heavy duty chewers.

Credit: whiskey.thegsd


#17 – You need to keep German Shepherds far away from cats.

Credit: sam_kyrillos


#18 – Well, maybe you can get one – but never get 2!

Credit: delta.fritz.the.gsds


#19 – You absolutely should never have a house full of German Shepherds.

Credit: koba.gsd

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