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18-Year-Old Dog Left At Pound, Until Country Star Luke Bryan Adopts Him The rescue was prepared to let him live out his life with them. But him finding a home with country singer, Luke Bryan, is much better!


An 18-year-old dog, named Poochie, was surrendered to a pound by a family who said they had developed allergies, according to Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. The rescue is local to Nashville and they routinely pull dogs from kill shelters.

Luckily for Poochie, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue found him before he was put down. Poochie, being as old as he is, was sadly expected to be a “forever hospice rescue.” They intended for him to spend the rest of his life at the rescue.

But country singer, Luke Bryan, and his wife, Caroline, had other ideas. The Bryans saw Poochie’s photo online, fell in love and submitted an adoption application. They were approved and now Poochie will get to spend the remainder of his life in a real home with a real family.

“We are so thrilled for Poochie and know he is in great hands,” Lavonne Redferrin, the animal rescue’s director and founder, told People magazine. “Caroline Bryan has graciously given us updates on our sweet boy.”

Credit: Proverbs 12:10 Rescue

Poochie will have plenty of company at the Bryans’ place. He’s one of several dogs, cats, chickens, goats, kangaroos and other animals on the Bryans’ farm. Yes, that’s right: kangaroos!

Credit: Proverbs 12:10 Rescue

If you’re wondering how Poochie is getting on with his new family, don’t worry. Things seem to be going great. Luke Bryan posted on Twitter with just 4 words to say about Poochie: “Loving my new buddy.”

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