15 Sleeping German Shepherds That Will Make Your Day Better

Anyone who owns a German Shepherd knows they love their nap time. Here are 15 of their cutest  German Shepherds sleeping caught on camera…


1. After a hard  day of sleeping, puppy needs to take a nap.

Source @baloo_the_gsd


2. Wake me up when it's Friday!

Source  @tiggerbear_gsd

3. Not a morning dog.
4. The last hour on the job.
Source  @embla_the_gsd
5. Gets new bed, sleeps on the floor.
6. We were told this is the way best friends are supposed to sleep.
7. Who needs a pillow when they have a German shepherd.
8. When you can't puppy anymore.
Source @kolthegsd
9. Bed and breakfast.
10. How to sleep GSD style!
11.Couldn't find the right sleep number.
12. Please never grow up.
13. The satisfaction nap.
14. Ten more minutes please.
Source @uzithegsd 
15.First they steal your heart, then they steal your bed.
Source  @mr.snooper 



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